What Long-time Students Are Saying About Master Lau

Victor Chan

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with insomnia that resulted from many years of stress at work. Initially my doctor prescribed sleeping medicine that could help me sleep through the night, but after 1 month the medicine only lasted for a few hours. I panicked and didn’t want to depend on medicine for the rest of my life.

Fortunately, I heard about Master Liu from his elder brother (the Tai Chi master Liu Jishun), Master Liu started by teaching me some basic movements of Xin Yi Liu He (心意六合拳), and I started practicing 2 of them (Dragon Walk and Chicken Walk) for 20 minutes each, twice a day, six days a week. For the first few weeks, I didn’t see any improvement in my condition. But I noticed significant changes after 2 months of continuous practice. By then, I didn’t have to take sleeping pills at all. It felt like my brain and body had reached harmony again. And I have been practicing心意六和拳 ever since then.

Alex Wong

When I was 9, I took my first martial arts lesson in southern China, and ever since then, I was hooked. In college, I studied Hapkido and Aikido, and Kendo. I read numerous books on martial arts, and I have found the traditional martial arts to have many layers. Many of the so-called “modern martial art” is missing a key part. The chi (qi) aspect of martial art is not easily to understand, but a lot more powerful and much better for the health.  A true master who understands such deep level of martial arts is hard to find.  I was very fortunate to have found Master Lau.  His “xin yi liu he” is a great cardio exercis for everyone who wants a great workout routine.  It looks very simple, but after a couple months, it makes px90 routines seem like a joke.  I knew I have found treasure both in terms of exercise routines for health and valuable martial arts for a deeper understanding of martial art and chi.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for both efficient exercises or a true martial art.


Arnold Chu

Throughout my life, I have explored  different types of martial arts, including tae kwon do and praying mantis kung fu. One thing that stands out to me about xinyiliuhe is the intensity of the martial art. It really trains and works out all of your muscles and tendons. Through my 6 months of training so far I feel like I have gotten a lot stronger and more powerful. Another noticable thing is the health benefit.  Before, I used to have acne all around my face, and I’d also be tired all of the time. Now, my face is almost clear and I feel more energetic and alive. Though xinyiliuhe takes a lot of time and dedication, the benefits, for martial and health, are tremendous.