Top Xinyi Liuhe Quan Martial Artist – Master Wing Lau

Master Lau (also going by Wing Liu) started his martial arts career at age 14, when he learned Chinese wrestling from Master Chen Shaoqiu of the Shanghai Jing Wu Association. He went on to win the Silver Medal of National Chinese Wrestling Competion at age 19. In 1966, he started to learn Xinyi Liuhe Quan (boxing) from Master Xie Xingbang, one of the best Xinyi Liuhe practioners of his generation. For the next 11 years, he stayed with Master Xie to perfect his skills to be among the top practioners of his own generation 

Master Lau also learned Wu (Hao) tai chi for a year from Grand Master Hao Shaoru, but for most of his career he practiced tai chi under the guidance of his brother, Master Liu Jishun. He felt the practice of tai chi has complemented his Xinyi Liuhe training greatly, especially in the ability of deep relaxing.

In addition to Chinese martial arts, Master Lau is also a skilled western boxer, having learned under the famous champion 鄭吉常(nicknamed “遠東毒蛇“,trained by 陳漢強 [boxing champion of Australia in 1919]).


Master Wing Lau was born in 1946, in Shanghai. One of his brothers is the famous Wu (Hao) tai chi master, Liu Jishun (Lau is the Cantonese spelling for Liu).

In 2001, Master Lau emigrated to USA and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he practiced tui na (Traditional Chinese Medicinal Massage) professionally. He also teaches Xinyi Liuhe Quan and Wu (Hao) style tai chi to the general public.


Photo ofWing Lau
Wing Lau
(劉永順, Wing Shun Liu)
Job Title
Master, Xin Yi Liu He
San Francisco Bay Area Xin Yi Liu He Club
615 Cuesta Dr,
Mountain View, CA, 94040