Authentic Internal Martial Art – Xinyi Liuhe Quan

Welcome to San Francisco Bay Area’s Xin Yi Liu He club!

Xin Yi Liu He (心意六合拳) is one of the top Chinese internal martial arts (along with tai chi and ba gua), and ranks among one of the top 4 most mainstream Chinese martial arts (the other three are tai chi, ba gua, and shao lin).

Xinyi Liuhe Quan Association USA is supported by Bay Area’s xinyi liuhe quan enthusiasts. It was originally founded by our Honorary President, Master Wing Lau.

Xinyi Liuhe Quan Class

  • Who:
    • This is the class for the majority of learners, who are interested in learning xinyi liuhe to maintain an active and healthy body for their whole lifetime. Beginners are welcome to join any time.
  • When:
    • Every Other Sundays: 10-11:30 am
  • Where:  Mountain Lake Park Playground, 1 12th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118
  • Cost: $120/month.